Checkout Bio Hazard Glass

Checkout Bio Hazard Glass

Are you looking for a great "Made in USA" glass piece? Check out the Bio Hazard glass line. Each bong is made in Southern California by experienced glassblowers who utilize years of experience to create innovative and stylish pieces that are sure to stand out. They take great pride in their work and create amazing lightweight bongs. The BIO Glass production line features premium components and high-quality borosilicate glass, the industry standard for glass water pipes and dab rigs. BIO Glass is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship while providing the best prices.

When considering which style to choose, here are a few of the main differences.

Beaker Bong

What sets a beaker apart from a straight bong, is usually the size of the base. A lot of people like the beaker style because they are not as easy to tip over. Beaker bongs are also great for bigger smoke, the shape of a beaker allows for better filtration because of its large base. When smoke hits the water in a bong, some of it heats and turns into water vapor, which makes it smoother. More space + more bubbles = more filtration. Beakers create more bubbles and hold more smoke. If you want to learn more about filtration, percolators, and discs, check out our latest blog: Percs and Discs Explained.

Straight Tube

While straight tubes can be a bit tippy they have their proper place in any glass collection. Straight bongs clear much faster than beaker bongs, which means the smoke is crisper and cleaner because it’s more direct. There’s less drag because you’re not dealing with a large bottom chamber for smoke to sit. The BIO line of straight tubes have bigger bases so there is more support and less chance of accidental tip-overs. Also, straight bongs take up less space and are easy to clean.

Choose from our lineup of beakers and straight tube bongs. As a bonus, each Bio Bong comes with a free gift! Get yours while supplies last.

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