Gear Up with a GEAR Premium® Sidekick

Gear Up with a GEAR Premium® Sidekick

The GEAR Premium® Sidekick features a groundbreaking innovation in glass water pipe design with its lighter holster, but that's not all it has to offer. Every GEAR Premium® Sidekick is designed with an emphasis on dynamic performance and includes a flush mount diffuser downstem. The precision-cut diffuser provides not only increased airflow but also smaller bubbles allowing more contact between the smoke and water, which means more cooling of the smoke and filtration. 

From the moment you pick up the most popular GEAR Premium® beaker base design, you can feel its durable construction. It's made from the highest quality 100% pure borosilicate thick glass meaning it contains boron trioxide, which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. It won’t crack under extreme temperature changes, unlike regular glass. Additional features include a flat mouthpiece, signature Thumper Cone pull-out, built-in lighter holster and comes in a range of premium colours, including GEAR's signature colour changing glass. 

Never lose your spark again with the GEAR Premium Sidekick

This premium package includes a bunch of extras: 

  • GEAR Premium T-Shirt 
  • GEAR Premium Lighter 
  • GEAR Premium Keychain 
  • GEAR Premium Sticker 

Get yours today!

2021 Oct 13th The Next Level

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