Say Goodbye to Chazzed Bangers with The Dab Rite™

Say Goodbye to Chazzed Bangers with The Dab Rite™

It started in 2019, when Founders Bryan, Dan, Cody & John wanted more than what the industry standard could provide. With over 50 years of experience in the cannabis industry, they understand the ritual of dabbing. They set out to create a new product that not only fits aesthetically with your rigs, mats, and other fine accessories but actually provides accurate temperature readings in order to take the perfect dab.

Spending over a year designing The Dab Rite™, bringing together the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create a product that offers dabbers the most scientific and technologically advanced experience. They succeeded! Creating a universal product that works across multiple rig styles but is also convenient. The patent-pending Dab Rite™ features a 7-inch adjustable neck that bends in all directions so users can accurately read the heat of the quartz nail. It even alerts you when the temperature you set to take your dab is reached. You no longer have to worry about reheating your banger or taking a dab that is too hot. No more chazzed bangers!

The Dab Rite features a variety of built-in emissivity settings that can be adjusted based upon what type of banger is being used and features an automatic shut-off so the battery stays charged longer.

At $325 CDN, the product features:

  • Light & Sound Alerts
  • Built-in Emissivity Settings
  • LED Guide Light
  • Automatic Shut-off After 5 Minutes of No Use
  • Comes with Changeable Silicone Sensor and Cap Holder Covers
  • Available in black, red, blue, green, swirl and more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature Range: 200~800F (93~427C)
  • Accuracy: +-2%
  • Response Time: 1S
  • Emissivity*: 0.95 Built-in
  • Distance-to-Spot-Ratio*: 3:1
  • Operating Temperature: 0~40C
  • Storage Temperature: 20~60C
  • Required Battery: 600mAH 5V DC Li-battery
  • Calibrated to be changeable between Quartz and Opaque Quartz

Dab Rite™ is the first digital infrared thermometer on the cannabis accessories market to feature a fully adjustable sensor arm, allowing for more accurate readings on a wider variety of dab rigs.

2021 Oct 7th The Next Level

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