The Dr. Dabber Switch E-Rig

The Dr. Dabber Switch E-Rig

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a revolutionary, patent-pending induction heating vaporizer for both oils and flowers. With the press of a button, you can transform the SWITCH from a full-fledged oil rig into an electric flower vaporizer. This unmatched versatility, paired with the incredible heating speed and unparalleled battery life puts the Dr. Dabber SWITCH in a league of its own. With 150 uses on a single charge as well as pass-through charging, the SWITCH can be used as both a desktop and a portable vaporizer.

Powerful & Smart

Whether it’s a particularly dense flower or very viscous oil, the SWITCH has 25 carefully calibrated heat settings to handle any situation. These 25 heat settings aren't just a selling feature...there is a method to the madness. If you want an emphasis on flavor, there is a setting for that. If you prefer superior vapor density, there’s a setting for that too. If you want to crank it up for a cloudy experience, no problem. Running out of material at home and want to use a smaller amount than you normally do? Just turn it down a couple of notches. The SWITCH is designed by people who understand that no two hits are the same, just like no two flowers or oils are the same. The SWITCH’s versatility is simply astounding.

We understand 25 heat settings can sound a little intimidating, so here's a breakdown of each one for you.

Purple - 300-380°F

  • Little to no visible vapor production
  • Incredible terpene preservation (terpene boiling points range from 300°-400°F)
  • Smooth, non-abrasive draw
  • Best flavour due to best absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Energetic, clear high

Blue - 400-480°F

  • Light vapor production & great flavour delivery
  • 410° ideal temperature for vaporizing important cannabinoids
  • Smooth, non-abrasive draw
  • Best body high and maximizes Entourage Effect
  • Maximum “Couch Lock” effect

Cyan - 500-580°F
  • Medium/dense vapor production
  • Balance between flavour profiles and vapor density
  • All terpenoids, flavonoids, cannabinoids boiled off (combustion)
  • Smooth, slightly abrasive draw
  • Sedative effect and heavy head high

Green - 600-680°F

  • Very dense vapor production, sacrificing flavour profiles
  • Combustion of all beneficial materials
  • Abrasive/harsh draw
  • Extreme “Couch Lock” effect and heavy sedative
  • Great for lots of mass i.e. large dabs

Yellow - 700-780°F

  • Extremely dense vapor production
  • Instant combustion, loss of all terpenoids, cannabinoids, and flavonoids
  • Most abrasive/harshest draw
  • Greatest feeling of “Couch Lock”, extremely sedative
  • Best for excessive amounts of mass i.e. globs

Each temperature setting increases in increments of 20° to allow for ultimate customization. Once you find a setting perfect for you, your SWITCH will stay in this heat setting until you manually change it so don’t worry about having to reselect the setting each time you use the SWITCH.

A Battery Built for Real Life

The SWITCH is capable of up to 150 uses on a single charge. These are not laboratory numbers, this is real life. For the average user, this means well over a week of use on a single charge. Add to that the convenience of pass-through charging, and you can choose to use the SWITCH whichever way fits your life. This kind of efficiency and versatility in a device as powerful as the SWITCH is simply unheard of. Taking into account that a full charge takes only 60 minutes, it’s safe to say the SWITCH is in a league of its own.

The Power & Speed of Induction

The patent-pending induction heating technology inside allows the device to heat to the target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time. We’re talking an average of 4 seconds (depending on selected temperature). This sort of speed is simply not possible with traditional convection and conduction vaporizers. On top of that, the induction heating setup allows for the electronics to be completely sealed off from the heating element, meaning absolutely no possibility of mechanical failure due to leakage. You can literally pour water into the heating element of the SWITCH and press the button and it would simply bring the water inside the dish to a boil. The SWITCH is NOT like other vaporizers.

Whether you’re a new dabber or a seasoned vet, the SWITCH is perfect for everyone as customization is key with this e-rig.

Get the Limited Edition or Classic Black Switch while supplies last.

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